Size- Tips on how to pick a right size with Asian clothing

"How do I know if this item fit me?"

We truly understand that buying Asian clothing is very different from Western fashion. Asian clothing tends to run small and most are "Free size" which means "One size fit all".  It is very important to check the “Size Chart” to see the conversion of the sizes in Asian clothing before making a purchase. Choose the items that one or two size up is strongly recommend. The following steps would help you pick the right items that fit you well:

Step 1:  Look at the "Bust Size" on Product Specification page

Step 2:  Check the "Size Chart" to see the conversion of the size.

Step 3:  Look at the "Material".  Is the material provides flexibility or not?  

Step 4:  Look at the "Length". Is the length too short or too long"?  Depend on your preference.


For example:

A woman who bust size 34” = 86cm, US Size 6

She would fit into a dress comfortably that made of stretchy material with bust size 88cm and up.

She would fit well into a dress that made of non-stretchy material with bust size 90cm and up.


Please keep in mind that size might run slightly different as the products are made by different manufacturers.  We try our best to offer various styles and sizes with good quality to our customers.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at  anytime with any questions. It is our pleasure to assist our customers to find the right merchandises they love.


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